Office Orders

Year 2023


  1. Office Order - Shri Vinod Narayan Rathod, YP II (Legal), CIFE Mumbai
  2. Office Order - Promotion of Shri Ashok G. Kolambkar to the post of Assistant Administrative Officer
  3. Office Order - Nodal Officer for SCSP and TSP
  4. Office Order - Additional Charge of Asstt. Public Information Officer (APIO)
  5. Office Order - Re-allocation on duties
  6. Office Order - Additional Charge of Incharge, International Guest House (IGH) and Incharge (Canteen)
  7. Office Order - Additional Charge of Purchase Officer & Security Officer
  8. Revised Office Order - Incharge of Works, Estate and Vehicle section
  9. Office Order - Joining of Dr. Kedar Nath Mohanta, Head, Division of FNBP, CIFE, Mumbai
  10. Office Order for HRD Committee - NAHEP
  11. Office Order - Re-allotment of seating arrangement
  12. Office Order - Nodal Officer (AMS)
  13. Office Order - Committee - Grievances of SC/ST/OBC Students / Teachers and Non-teaching Staff
  14. Office Order - FOCARS Training at NAARM
  15. Office Order - Dr. Arpita Sharma, Head, Fisheries Economics, Extension & Statistics Division
  16. Office Order - Dr. Mukunda Goswami, Head, Division of Fish Genetics & Biotechnology
  17. Office Order - Dr. Megha Kadam Bedekar, Head, Division of Aquatic Environment and Health Management
  18. Office Order - Constitution of Committee to pursue NABL accreditation for ICAR-CIFE
  19. Office Order - Joining of Dr. Tapas Kumar Ghoshal, Head, ICAR-CIFE, Kolkata Centre
  20. Office Order - Ion Torrent S5 NGS Platform
  21. Office Order - Zebrafish facility
  22. Office Order - Relieving of Dr. Mujahidkhan A. Pathan, Scientist, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai
  23. Office Order - Relieving Order of Dr. Ram Prakash Raman, Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai
  24. Office Order - Relieving Order of Dr. Shekhar Nath Ojha, Principal Scientist, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai

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