Aquatic Environment & Health Management Division

About the Division

The Aquatic Environment and Health Management Division conducts academic programmes and carry out research under two broad areas namely Aquatic Environmental Management and Aquatic Animal Health Management. Accordingly, the Division offers M.F.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in two disciplines, namely Aquatic Environmental Management (AEM) and Aquatic Animal Health Management (AAHM). Further, the division conducts demand-driven training programme for farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers and other stakeholders in the specialised areas of aquatic environmental management, fish health management, disease diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis. The Division provides services to aquaculture farmers on fish and shellfish disease diagnosis, water quality analysis and soil testing. Services are also provided to aquarium shop owners and hobbyists in the diagnosis and management of diseases in ornamental fishes.

Major Achievements

  • Vaccines against bacterial pathogens infecting fish: Developed an inactivated vaccine against Flavobacterium columnare using local field isolate and a dual vaccine against F. columnare and Edwardsiella tarda
  • Diagnostic tools for viral diseases infecting fish: Developed and standardised a quantitative real-time PCR assay for the detection and quantification of Tilapia lake virus (TiLV)
  • Therapeutic measure against fish parasite: Developed phytotherapy for crustacean ectoparasite Argulus japonicus using neem leaf extract
  • Chemical-free decontamination method for water treatment: Developed a novel prototype of column bed-based water treatment unit cum recirculatory system with an electrically charged column for the treatment of contaminated water without any use of chlorination and de-chlorination chemicals.
  • Package of practice for environmental management: Developed package of practice for application of Biochar in inland saline aquaculture system for improved environmental management.

Training/ Services provided by the Division

I) Centre for Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT) /ICAR Short Course/Summer/Winter School etc.
  • Immunological and Molecular Diagnostics for rapid Disease Diagnosis (CAFT- 2020)
  • Antibiotic Microbial Resistance with Special Reference to Aquaculture (ICAR Short Course-2020)
  • Development and Application of Vaccines for Fish Aquaculture (ICAR Short Course-2019)
  • One Health with Special Reference to Fisheries and Aquaculture (ICAR Short Course-2019)
  • Molecular Techniques in Shrimp Health Management. (CAFT-2018)
  • Rapid Diagnostics for Fish Health Management (CAFT Winter School-2016)
  • Molecular Immunology of Fish and Shell fish (ICAR Short Course-2016)
  • Molecular, Nanotechnological and Immunological Diagnostic in Fisheries and Aquaculture (CAFT- 2015).
  • Advances in Aquatic Animal Health Management in Finfish and Shellfish. (CAFT-2013)
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques for Aquatic Environment. (CAFT-2011)
  • Genome and Protein-based Techniques in Aquatic Animal Health Management. (CAFT Winter School-2009)
II) Special training
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Technology for Soil and Water Quality Mapping. (ToT-2019)
  • Good Laboratory Practice. (ToT-2016)
III) Skill Development Programme (SDP)
  • Technical Know-how for Spirulina Biomass Production and Utilization. (2020 & 2021)
  • Biochar for Enhancing the Aquaculture Productivity. (2020)
  • Breeding, Culture and Health Management of Ornamental Fishes. (2019)
  • Cell Culture Techniques. (2019)
  • Health Management in Freshwater Fish Culture. (2018, 2020)
  • PCR based Disease Diagnosis. (2017)
  • Health Management of Ornamental Fishes. (2016)
  • Techniques in Aquatic Animal Health. (2015)
  • Fish cell Culture & its Applications. (2011)