Fish Nutrition, Biochemistry & Physiology Division

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  The present division of Fish Nutrition, Biochemistry & Physiology at ICAR-CIFE has a long spanning about three decades. The division had made it's humble beginning as Digestive physiology, as Nutrition & Feed Technology lab on 4 Jan 1990 by the then Director, Dr. V. R. P. Sinha, initially a single course on Fish Nutrition was offered. During 1998, following recruitment of many new scientists at various levels, and as per demand of time, Dr. S. A. H. Abidi re-organized the unit as Division of Fish Nutrition & Biochemistry, Harvest and Post- Harvest Technology. In 2000, the division was further strengthened by establishment of Fish Feed Facility having twin screw extruder and Biochemistry lab inaugurated by Dr. S. L. Mehta, DDG, Education. The division got the status to offer exclusive degree on fish nutrition and biochemistry for both M.F.Sc. and Ph.D. level by the leadership of the then Director Dr. S. Ayyappan from 2002. The importance of Physiology research in fisheries was seriously felt from quite some time and hence Fish Physiology became part of the division from 2010, under the then director Dr. Dilip Kumar with the latest nomenclature of the division as Division of Fish Nutrition, Biochemistry, Physiology (FNBP), with an appointment of regular HOD. Presently the division is offering masters and PhD Programmes in Fish Nutrition & Feed Technology and Fish Biochemistry & Physiology, which are approved by BSMA of ICAR.

  The faculty members are committed to conduct basic and strategic research in frontier areas of Fish Nutrition, Biochemistry and Physiology. Their investigations have always remained close to the problems of the country, yet they have kept up with the fast-changing developments across the globe. Demand driven and need based training programmes are offered in the form of CAFT, short term training and online trainings. The division has facilities for feed and fish proximate analysis, biochemical analysis of fish tissues and molecular analysis of biological samples. The quality and scope of research in the division has attracted bright students from the state agricultural universities and many of the alumni have occupied responsible positions in India and abroad. The division is presently working on the following areas; unconventional feed ingredients, System specific aquafeed, nutrigenomics, nutraceuticals and nanotechnology, climate change mediated stress physiology and mitigation and reproductive physiology

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Products from FNBP division


Biochemistry Lab

new-amino acid analyser

Biochemistry Lab


Mobile Feed Mill


Realtime PCR

List of achievements:

  • Patents granted: 04 {Animal feed supplement (Patent no. : IN340969), Feed supplement for improving reproductive health (Patent no. : IN340970), Ivermectin based medicated feed mix for treatment of fish parasites and growth restoration in fish (Patent no. : IN330484), Medicated formulation for sex reversal in fish (Patent no: 360099)}
  • Products commercialised: Rafres AQ , Cifecalm, Gono Pro-FH, nutrient dense microparticulate diet for prawn
  • Fermenter cum mixer for utilisation of leafmeal as aquafeed ingredient
  • Mobile feed mill
  • Nutraceutical based Medicated feed for ecto- and endo-parasites

List of services provided:

  • Proximate analysis of feed and fish
  • Amino acid analysis of feed and fish

List of training conducted by FNBP Division in last five years:

Sr. No. Name of training No of participants Duration Scheme
1. Demonstration of farm -made aqua-feed preparation and on-farm feeding management 76 tribal farmers 2-3rd Nov., 2018 TSP
2. Demonstration of farm-made leaf meal based aquafeed preparation and on-farm feeding management 62 tribal farmers 27-28 December, 2019 TSP
3. Demonstration and preparation of leaf meal based farm-made aqua-feed preparation and on- farm feeding management 71 tribal farmers 14 to 17th March, 2022 TSP
4. Demonstration of farm-made leaf meal based aquafeed preparation and on-farm feeding management 70 scheduled caste farmers 23-25 January, 2020 SCSP
5. Demonstration of Leaf Meal Based Farm- made Aqua-feed Preparation and On-Farm Feeding Management 50 scheduled caste farmers 2-5th March, 2021 SCSP
6. Demonstration and preparation of leaf meal based farm-made aqua-feed preparation and on-farm feeding management 45 scheduled caste farmers 8 to 11th February, 2022 SCSP
7. Demonstration and preparation of leaf meal based farm-made aqua-feed preparation and on-farm feeding management 50 scheduled caste farmers 14 to 16th February 2022 SCSP
8. Demonstration and preparation of leaf meal-based farm-made aquafeed preparation and on-farm feeding, sediment and water quality management 43 scheduled caste farmers 22 to 24th March, 2022 SCSP
9. STP on Demonstrations and preparation of ornamental fish feed 8 (12-16th June, 2018) FNBP Division
10. STP on Entrepreneurship Development in Ornamental Fish Feed 8 (15-20th July, 2019) FNBP Division
11. SDP on Preparations of leaf meal based fish feed 23 16-19th February, 2021 FNBP Division
12. Aquafeed preparation and feeding management 21 4-8 March, 2019 FNBP Division