Policy Advocacy

The sunrise fisheries sector, though the fastest growing food production sector in India, cries for attention in terms of putting in place enabling policies, strengthening institutional capacities and developing professional human resources among others in order to develop the 60% of un(der)utilised inland water bodies, sustain the gains from capture fisheries, develop mariculture and reservoir fisheries, reduce huge post-harvest losses, increase value addition, modernise domestic markets and make export more competitive, encourage overall fish consumption and ensure nutritional security for all. Realising the importance of comprehensive and enabling policy in fostering development and the lack thereof in the fisheries sector, ICAR-CIFE has taken a lead role in facilitating the process of evolving an overarching Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy Framework through field oriented research cum advocacy project.

National Inland Fisheries And Aquaculture Policy (NIFAP) 2016-17

Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries (DAHDF), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India has constituted an Expert Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. Dilip Kumar, Ex-Director & Vice-Chancellor of ICAR-CIFE to prepare a Draft NATIONAL INLAND FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE POLICY (NIFAP). ICAR-CIFE is providing technical support in preparation of this policy.

The Expert Committee intends to collect detailed feedback / inputs on various aspects of inland fisheries and aquaculture sub-sectors of India from different stakeholders such as Fishers / fish farmers / fish workers / Fishermen associations / Fish market intermediaries / Fisheries Co-operatives / SHGs / Self-employed or Entrepreneurs / Industry / Researchers / State & Central Government Organisations / NGOs / Civil society groups / Field Technicians / Aquashops / Aquaclinic / Aqualabs and others.

Two STAKEHOLDERS FEEDBACK QUESTIONNAIRES one on Inland Capture Fisheries Sector including Rivers, Reservoirs & Wetlands and another on Inland Aquaculture Sector including Brackishwater aquaculture have been prepared and circulated to different State Fisheries Departments for collecting necessary feedback. For obtaining the Feedback Questionnaires in pdf format, you may email to dk.dilipkumar@gmail.com / ananthan@cife.edu.in

The Questionnaires are also hosted online in an easy to answer format (click on the link below). Please spare few minutes of your valuable time and provide inputs that we are sure would help us in preparing an appropriate and stakeholder responsive Policy.

Stakeholders Feedback Questionnaire:

Zonal Workshop (2006-2010)

Five Zonal Workshops and two national Workshops covering all 34 States & UTs were organized between 2006 and 2010 wherein more than 600 people representing all stakeholders participated. State-wise policy review and consultations helped identify sub-sector wise specific policy issues as well as evolve Draft Policy Framework with policy options and required interventions. This has been circulated to all States for evolving their State specific policies. The impact is already visible. States like Haryana, Assam, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu have already come forward to review and reorient their policies while Bihar, Odisha and Kerala have brought out their own Fisheries Policies and Fisheries Development Plans.

I Zonal

II Zonal

III Zonal

IV Zonal

V Zonal


ICAR-CIFE has been providing research based technical, development planning and policy support to several State Fisheries Departments. In addition, CIFE has come out with specific recommendations based on studies on IPRs and patenting trend in fisheries sector, impact of globalisation and WTO agreements on fisheries trade, industry and livelihoods.

ICAR-CIFE also undertakes customised / sponsored policy oriented research programs, while many of the senior Faculty members are represented in important National and International committees and programs that concern with evolving fisheries related policies.

Ongoing Projects

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