Student's Union / PGSSU

The Students' Union is called "The Post-Graduate School Students Union (PGSSU)" after the name of the institution, the Post-Graduate School of the ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai. The Union is run by the students and for the students. Students take every major decision about the services and activities. Fourteen students are elected each year and make up the Executive Committee. We take the main responsibility for running the Post Graduate School Students' Union and have been students at ICAR-CIFE for the past few years.

Our aim is to make your time here a memorable, safe and successful one. The Institute has an ever-increasing reputation for providing quality education in the diversified fields of Agriculture and the Union has an ever-increasing reputation for providing quality entertainments and services.

The following are the aims and objectives of the PGSSU,

  • To inculcate a spirit of fellow feeling and a mutual contact among the members.
  • To promote the social and cultural welfare of the members and to raise the tempo of athletic activities in the Post-Graduate School.
  • To encourage the intellectual development of the members.
  • To arouse among the members a spirit of social service.
  • To provide an opportunity to the members to train themselves in the art of self-government and group leadership.
  • To promote the consciousness of the members regarding the aims and working of various national and international student organization and
  • To represent the Post-Graduate School students’ body on the national as well as intellectual plane.
  • To find out immediate solution for all such problems as may jeopardize the common interest of the members by meeting, discussions and making suggestions, if necessary, to the concerned authorities.
  • To promote the establishment of close relations between the students and the members of teaching staff of the Post-Graduate School. To maintain contacts with the ex-alumni of the Post-Graduate School and Associates of the CIFE, Mumbai.

PGSSU Office Bearer

On the basis of Election/Nominations, by the students,the following students have been Elected/Nominated as Office bearers of the Post-Graduate School of Students Union (PGSSU) for the year 2022-23.

Sr.No. Position of PGSSU’s Office Name of elected student
1 President

Mr. Arpit Acharya

Ph: 9439222829/ 8984536957

2 Vice-president - I

Ms. Naila Majid Bhat

Ph: 7006712166

3 Vice-president - II

Mr. Vineeth P

Ph: 9686935161

4 General secretary

Mr. Abhijit Mallik

Ph: 9653668477

5 Academic council representative - I

Mr. Ramjanul Haque

6 Academic council representative - II

Ms. Dave Chandani Prakashbhai

7 Finance secretary

Mr. Shyam Datta Waghmare

8 Cultural secretary-I

Mr. Shubham Soni

9 Cultural secretary-II

Mrs. Dhruti Kotadiya

10 Sports secretary-I

Mr. Bhautik Savaliya

11 Sports secretary-II

Ms. Arpitha N

12 Library secretary

Ms. Sawant Shamika Shantaram

13 Boys’ hostel representative (7-Bungalows campus)-I

Mr. Chovatia Ravikumar Mansukhbhai

14 Boys’ hostel representative (7-Bungalows campus)-II

Mr.Kamlesh Kumar Dhritlahre

15 Boys’ hostel representative (Yari Road Campus)-I

Mr.Darshan Pawaskar

16 Boys’ hostel representative (Yari Road Campus)-II

Mr. Abhilash Thapa

17 Girls’ hostel representative (7 Bunglows campus)-I

Ms. Amrita Mohanty

18 Girls’ hostel representative (7 Bunglows campus)-II

Ms. Sandhiya V.

19 Girls’ hostel representative (Yari Road campus)-I

Ms. Meenatchi S.

The tenure of this council will be one year from the date of issue of this circular.
This circular is issued with the permission of Director/Vice-Chancellor, ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai.

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