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The Division of Aquaculture offers Masters’ and PhD degree programs aligned with multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise. Modern methods and approaches are applied to understand issues and challenges associated with aquaculture development. The division provides the students/trainees/farmers and other stakeholders with an enriching array of educational research experiences, including hands-on field-based faculty-led extension programmes. The division is working in areas of Inland Saline Aquaculture, Culture-based fisheries/ Enclosure culture, Ornamental fish culture, Biofloc technology, Aquaponics, Bioremediation and other Aquaculture technologies. The division conducts research and development in more environmentally controlled, tank systems at the Yari Road and 7 Bungalow campus, Mumbai while field-based trials are conducted in farm facilities located at Powarkheda, (Madhya Pradesh), Balabhadrapuram and Kakinada (Andhra Pradesh), Rohtak (Haryana) and Motipur (Bihar). The division has a long history of partnership with industry and other government agencies, as well as researchers in national and international institutions.

List of Achievements

  • Breakthroughs in breeding two indigenous ornamental fishes, Aplocheilus lineatus (the striped panchax/killifish), and Caridina hodgarti (green rocket shrimp) were successfully achieved for the first time at Mumbai headquarters and Kolkata centre respectively.
  • Standardized rearing protocol for GIFT rearing in biofloc system.
  • Designed a Biofloc Reactor for optimising biofloc meal production with three factors (chitosan concentration, aeration and sludge retention time) and 2 levels (Crude protein content and crude lipid level) using full factorial design and response surface methodology.
  • Standardization of K supplementation in Aquaponics system to mitigate stress in the fish as well as spinach growth and elemental composition
  • Mapping and characterization of soil and water quality parameters of ongoing and potential sites for inland saline aquaculture
  • CIFE ECO HATCHERY: Developed Eco hatchery for optimized carp seed production. Patented Portable FRP Hatchery for Carp Seed Production methodology with Patent No.: 369476, Date of grant patent: 17/06/2021 (1)
  • Prototype Automatic Feeder (PAF) for aquaculture: PAF dispenses the exact amount of feed at a pre-decided time at a designated location in different aquaculture systems.
  • Timer-Based Power Operated Prototype Water Filtration System: A prototype of a timer-based and power-operated water filtration system for the aquarium was developed which will maintain the water quality.
  • Floating Carp Hatchery for Reservoirs: For the production of carp spawns for Stock enhancement in reservoirs.
  • Colour enhancement of ornamental fish through the carotenoid-rich feed.
  • Biofloc technology for aquaculture: Biofloc technology was demonstrated in all 14 districts of Kerala, in collaboration with the respective district offices of the State Fisheries Department, Govt of Kerala in association with the state fisheries Department Government of Kerala and KUFOS and KVK-IISR FROM May 2020 onwards.
  • The 14 demonstration units and 1840 farmer’s units were established under Subhiksha Keralam
  • Giant freshwater prawn seed production using artificial sea water
  • Scampi seed production using inland ground saline water
  • Culture of Peneaus monodon farming in saline affected inland areas
  • Culture of Litopenaeus vannamei in saline affected inland areas
  • Controlled breeding and seed production of Pengba, Osteobrama belangeri - an endangered fish
  • Catfish hatchery technology and rearing of seed under three tier system
  • Raising of fish seed in cages

List of Training/Services provided by the Division/Center

  • Need-based demand-driven training and educational programs on aquaculture technologies including Inland saline aquaculture, Aquaponics, Recirculatory systems, Biofloc technology, Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture, Ornamental Fish breeding and culture, Live food for fish larviculture, Culture-based fisheries/Enclosure culture.
  • The division provides its clients with concept design, laboratory testing, proof-of-concept scale trials and pilot commercial scale trials through Consultancy Services, Contract research, Fishery Advisory services
  • The Division also provides services to aquaculture farmers on water quality analysis and soil testing.