CIFE Alumni are the greatest asset
and high impact creators.

The most outstanding impact of CIFE is the generation of competent and professional human resource present in all sub-sectors of fisheries and aquaculture. They have helped professionalise the sector in general. Till 2013, a total of 5180 students have completed their degrees, diplomas, and certificate courses including 130 foreign students. Besides India, the alumni are now spread across the globe driving the aquaculture engine in Bangladesh, Eastern African Coast and the Middle East, while some of them are part of the brilliant research teams in India as well as in the developed economies like US and Canada.

They particularly cater to the trained human resource needs of the R & D programs of various research institutes and universities of this country dealing with fisheries and allied disciplines. A few distinguished alumni also occupy prominent positions in international and national organisations while many have become hugely successful entrepreneurs creating more wealth and employment. This, in turn, has helped in the remarkable growth of fisheries sector in terms of increased production, productivity and volume of aqua-business.

Now, the CIFE professionals are increasingly finding placements in the private sector, particularly in aquafeed, medicine, hatcheries, consultancy firms, and processing industries.

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