Agri Business Incubation (ABI) Centre


About ABI

ICAR-CIFE Agri Business Incubation (ABI) Centre is funded by National Agricultural Innovation Fund (NAIF) Component II (Incubation Fund). It aims at promoting innovations in fisheries sector. This centre helps incubatees by providing facilities, services and guidance. Presently the ICAR-CIFE Agri Business Incubation centre is promoting entrepreneurs in fields of value added fish products, aquaculture and aquatic environment. The ABI allows the prospective entrepreneurs to run small scale production using facilities available at CIFE. The entrepreneurs pay nominal charges and bear all the cost including overheads. The scientist and technical experts of the institute do the handholding and keep monitoring the progress. The MOU between CIFE and the entrepreneur outlines both exit plan and up-scaling plan without any loss to the Institute. The ABI also envisages linking up the entrepreneurs with the financial institutions.

  • ABI unit inaugurated on 3rd March, 2017
  • Number of incubatees registered (Since 2016) : 62
  • Number of student incubatees registered : 13
  • Number of women SHGs registered : 03

Management team of NAIF-ABI centre at ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai

Members Contact No. Email ID
Dr. A. K. Balange
(Principal Investigator, ABI )
Principal Scientist, FRHPHM Division
+91 2226361446| Extn:220
Dr. Megha Bedekar
(Member, ABI )
Principal Scientist, AEHM Division
+91 2226361446 | Extn:457
Dr. A.K. Verma
(Member, ABI )
Sr. Scientist, Aquaculture Division
+91 2226361446 | Extn:465
Dr. Tincy Varghese
(Member, ABI )
Scientist, FMBP Division
+91 2226361446 | Extn:586

Incubation facilities

# Specialization Location Facilities
1. Biofloc Aquaculture division, Mumbai Wet laboratory / Dry laboratory
2. RAS Aquaculture division, Mumbai Wet laboratory / Dry laboratory
3. Aquaponic Aquaculture division, Mumbai Wet laboratory / Dry laboratory
4. Fish feed Aquaculture division, Mumbai Dry laboratory
5. Fish value added products Post-Harvest Section, FRHPHM division, Mumbai Pre-processing / processing / modular kitchen / cold room / committee room
6. Fish by-products Post-Harvest Section, FRHPHM division, Mumbai Pre-processing / processing / cold room / committee room
7. Ornamental fish culture Aquaculture division, CIFE, Mumbai
CIFE, Salt lake, Kolkata
Wet laboratory
8. Spirulina culture AEM division, CIFE, Mumbai Wet laboratory / algal culture laboratory
9. Pearl culture CIFE, Salt lake, Kolkata Wet laboratory
10. Shrimp culture CIFE, Kakinada Fields / culture ponds
11. Fish culture CIFE, Powerkheda, Madhya pradesh Fields / culture ponds
12. Inland saline water Shrimp aquaculture CIFE, Rohtak, Haryana Fields / culture ponds

Specific objectives of ABI

Promote fishery related and aquaculture business among entrepreneurs using knowledge and technologies developed by CIFE

In-root the initial journey of small scale entrepreneurs till they are self-rooted

Transform business ideas and innovations of CIFE to a growing enterprises

Commercialization of technologies developed by CIFE

Assistance and guidance to entrepreneurs for fisheries and aquaculture related business

Facilitation support for start-ups

The registered incubatees are allowed to utilise the facilities of Institute and will be provided hand holding till they become independent in particular task or product preparation of their interest.

Incubatees would be allowed exposure to technologies.

They would be supported for small scale production and marketing

ABI would educate on the process of registration, licencing and certification

ABI would educate the incubatees on various schemes of Govt of India for Start-ups

ABI would facilitate meetings with financial support institutions

ABI would facilitate meeting with marketing agencies and prospective buyers of their products

Contact ABI

Dr. Amjad K. Balange,
(Officer-in-Charge, ABI)
Email: /
Office Number: +91 022 2636 1446
Cell Number: +91 88284 91852

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