Dr. Narottam Prasad Sahu

Joint Director
PhD. (Animal Nutrition)

+91 22 26365198 | Extn: 466(O)
+91 9869120627

npsahu@cife.edu.in / npsahu1@rediffmail.com

Research Interests

  • Nutraceuticals for fish health and growth
  • Nutrigenomic approach to optimize inclusion level of ingredient in aquafeed
  • Medicated feed
  • Leaf meal as alternate to DORB

Research Papers

  • A Gopan, NP Sahu, T Varghese, P Sardar, MK Maiti, 2020. Karanj protein isolate prepared from karanj seed cake: Effect on growth, body composition and physiometabolic responses in Labeo rohita fingerlings. Aquaculture Nutrition, 26 (3): 737-751.
  • S Nazeemashahul, N Prasad Sahu, P Sardar, FJ Fawole, S Kumar, 2020. Additional feeding of vitamin–mineral‐based nutraceutical to stress‐exposed rohu, Labeo rohita, enhances the IGF‐1 gene expression and grow. Aquaculture Research. Aquaculture Nutrition, 26 (3): 737-751.
  • CK Garg, NP Sahu, N Shamna, AD Deo, FJ Fawole, S Kumar, MK Maiti, 2019. Effect of dietary Houttuynia cordata leaf meal and leaf extract on the growth performance, nutrient utilization and expression of IGF‐I gene in Labeo rohita. Aquaculture Nutrition, 25 (3): 702-711
  • S Kumar,NP Sahu, AD Deo, A Ranjan, 2019. Feeding de-oiled rice bran based diet with varying level of protein and lipid: Effect on physiological responses of Labeo rohita. Aquaculture, 498: 454-463.
  • KA Sajina,NP Sahu, T Varghese, KK Jain, 2019. Fucoidan-rich Sargassum wightii extract supplemented with α-amylase improve growth and immune responses of Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) fingerlings. Journal of Applied Phycology, 31:2469-2480.
  • MK Maiti, NP Sahu, P Sardar, N Shamna, AD Deo, A Gopan, S Sahoo, 2019. Optimum utilization of Hygrophila spinosa leaf meal in the diet of Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1822) fingerlings. Aquaculture Reports, 15: 100213.
  • S Kumar, Sahu, N.P, N Shamna, A Ranjan, 2018. Feeding higher level of de-oiled rice bran causes stress to Labeo rohita fingerlings. Aquaculture, 484: 184-190.
  • S Kumar, NP Sahu, A Ranjan, 2018. Feeding de-oiled rice bran (DORB) to Rohu, Labeo rohita: Effect of varying dietary protein and lipid level on growth, body composition, and insulin like growth factor. Aquaculture, 492: 59-66.
  • F.J. Fawole, N.P. Sahu, N. Shamna, V. Phulia, B.O. Emikpe, A.A. Adeoye, A.Z. Aderolu, O.M. Popoola, 2018. Effects of detoxified Jatropha curcas protein isolate on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and physio‐metabolic response of Labeo rohita fingerlings. Aquaculture Nutrition, 24 (4): 1223-1233.
  • Femi John Fawole, Sahu, N.P, KK Jain, S Gupta, KV Rajendran, N Shamna, Nalini Poojary, 2017. Haemato-biochemical, non-specific immunity, antioxidant capacity and histopathological changes in Labeo rohita fingerlings fed rubber protein isolate.Fish physiology and Biochemistry : 43 (3), 677-690.
  • MI Nazir, Sahu, N.P, AK Pal, M Makesh, 2017. Synergistic effect of l-methionine and fucoidan rich extract in eliciting growth and non-specific immune response of Labeo rohita fingerlings against Aeromonas hydrophila. Aquaculture, 479 (1): 396-403.
  • S Kumar, Sahu, N.P, S Gupta, AD Deo, N Shamna, A Ranjan, 2017. Inclusion level of deoiled rice bran (DORB) in the diet of Labeo rohita (Hamilton, 1882) fingerlings: Effect on growth and gene expression of IGF-I and IGF-II. Aquaculture, 481: 211-217.
  • S.Yengkokpam, D. Debnath, Sahu N.P, A.K.Pal, K.K.Jain, K. Baruah, 2016. Dietary protein enhance non-specific immunity, anti-oxidative capability and resistance to Aeromonos hydrophila in Labeo rohita fingerlings pre exposed to short feed deprivation stress. Fish and shellfish Immunlogy: 59: 439 – 446.
  • FJ Fawole,Sahu N.P, KK Jain, S Gupta, N Shamna, V Phulia, DL Prabhu, 2016. Nutritional evaluation of protein isolate from rubber seed in the diet of Labeo rohita: Effects on growth performance, nutrient utilization, whole body composition and metabolic enzymes activity.Animal Feed Science and Technology, 219: 189-199.
  • H Saha, AK Pal, Sahu N.P, RK Saha, 2016.Feeding pyridoxine prevents Saprolegnia parasitica infection in fish Labeo rohita. Fish & Shellfish Immunology: 59: 382-388.
  • DL Prabu, Sahu N.P, AK Pal, S Dasgupta, A Narendra, 2016. Immunomodulation and interferon gamma gene expression in sutchi cat fish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus: effect of dietary fucoidan rich seaweed extract (FRSE) on pre and post challenge period.Aquaculture Research , 47 (1): 199-218.
  • Fawole F.J., Sahu N.P., Pal A.K., Ravindran A.K., 2015. Haemato-immunological response of Labeo rohita (Hamilton) fingerlings fed leaf extracts and challenged by Aeromonas hydrophila. Aquaculture Research, 47 (12): 3788-3799.
  • S Kumar, Sahu, N.P, D Gal. 2015. Mitigation of immunosuppressive and oxidative stress effect of dietary gelatinized starch in Labeo rohita fingerlings by elevation of rearing temperature within optimum range. Fish & Shellfish Immunology, 47 (2): 868-877.
  • A Ciji, Sahu, N.P, AK Pal, MS Akhtar, 2015. Dietary L‐tryptophan modulates growth and immuno‐metabolic status of Labeo rohita juveniles exposed to nitrite. Aquaculture Research: 46 (8): 2013-2024.
  • Kumar S., Sahu N.P., Pal A.K., Kerepeczki E., Sinha A.K., Gal D., 2015. Metabolic fitness and growth performance in tropical freshwater fish Labeo rohita are modulated in response to dietary starch type (gelatinized versus non‐gelatinized) and water temperature. Aquaculture Nutrition, 22; 966–975.

Other Publications

  • Shamna N., N.P.Sahu and S.Gupta. 2018. Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles for drug and nutrient delivery in fish. Fishing chimes. 38(3): 45-47.
  • Shamna, N., Xavier, M and Sahu, N.P. 2017. Synbiotic in Aquaculture. MPEDA News Letter, 2(3):58-59.
  • Tekle, E.W. and Sahu N.P. 2016. Moringa Olifera (Drumstic tree) leaves: Projecting as a budding ingredient for the feed industry.Livestock & Feed Trend,13 (6): 17-29.
  • Gopal Krishna and N.P. Sahu, 2016. Revamping Higher Fisheries Education: A Crying Need for the Country. Souvenir article published during 2nd student convention held during 4-5 March, 2017 at ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education Versova, Mumbai-61.
  • N.P. Sahu and W.S. Lakra, 2015. Challenges and opportunities in aquaculture sector. Livestock and Feed Trend, 12 (5) : 38-55.

Ongoing Projects

External Funded

1. Development of Energy Efficient and Environment Co-Principal Investigator 2017-till now Nutritional
Protective Aquaculture Technologies for Degraded Soils requirement study was done for GIFT Tilapia and P. vannamei in inland saline water

Institutional (Ongoing)

2. Green Feed for carps Principal Investigator 2017-2020 Selected leaf meal can replace DORB in the carp feed.
3. Strategies to enhance feed Co-Principal Investigator 2019- The metabolism could be enhanced due to dietary nutraceuticals, which could induced more feed intake and growth at low temperature
4. Development of Academic Management module for CIFE Co-Principal Investigator 2015-till now Shifting of offline academic activities to online mode


External Funded
1. Utilization of the detoxified rubber seed cake in aqua-feed Principal Investigator 2014-2017 Inter-Institutional (CIFE& COF, Tripura)DBT, GOI Prepared protein isolate from rubber seed cake and utilized in fish feed
2. Studies on both degradation products of both nutrients and anti-nutrients of aquafeed exposed to E-beam and their effects on immune-physiology of fish, Labeo rohita Principal Investigtor 2010-14 Inter-Institutional [CIFE & College of Fishery, Nagaland] BRNS, DAE, GOI On exposure to E-beam, sodium phytate and tannin undergoes the, structural rearrangement lead to a decrease in their anti-nutrient and an increase in their antioxidant activity.


1. Expression Profiling of Growth and Immune Related Genes in Fish Feed with Carbohydrates Rich Diet Co-Principal Investigator 2014-17 Institutional The growth genes indicative of dietary carbohydrate response based on micro-array studies and revalidation with real time PCR are IGF-1 and IGFBP-2 while those for immunity are TNF-α and IL-8.


Significant achievements in research & development

  • Medicated Feed against Argullus infestation in Fish
  • Optimized the carbohydrate level in carp feed by nutrigenomic approach
  • DORB as a complete feed for carp
  • Nutraceutical conglomerates for enhancing the growth of stunted fingerling of IMC
  • Preventing the aflatoxin contamination by mixing clove oil and sodium propionate at equal proportion at 0.5% in the diet reduces the incidence of aflatoxin.
  • Preparation of protein isolates from non-edible seed (rubber seed, jatropha seed, neem seed, karanja seed and castor seed)
  • Leaf meal after soild state fermentation was successfully used as a complete replacer of De Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) in carp feed


  • “CIFE ARGUNIL” Medicated feed against Argulus infestation in fish
  • Developed the Fermenter cum Mixer for Leaf meal to be used in carp feed


  • Ivermectin based medicated feed mix for the treatment of fish parasites and growth restoration in fish. Application no. 2101/MUM/2010,Patent No: 330484 (Granted on January 2020)
  • Nutraceuticals for improved growth of stunted fingerlings, Application no. 201821027496 dated 23-07-2018 (Provisional patent filed)
  • Ecofeed - an aquafeed for biofloc based fish culture, application no 201921042385 dt 19 October, 2019 (Provisional patent filed)


Sr. Year in which the award was conferred Award Conferred Name of the institute/Society which confers the Award
1 2015 Fellow of National Academy of Veterinary Sciences National Academy of Veterinay Science
2 2014 Life time achievement award CLFMA of India
3 2014 Fellow of Maharashtra Academy of Sciences Maharashtra Academy of Science
4 2006 Best Fisheries Scientist of India PFGF, Mangalore
5 2004 Best Scientist CIFE, Mumbai
6 2003 Best Young Scientist CIFE, Mumbai