ITMU : CIFE-Institute Technology Management Unit



The Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) was established under ICAR plan scheme. The primarily aim of this scheme was up-scaling of existing technologies developed by the scientist or students ie. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) under ICAR Headquarters Scheme on Management and Information Services. ITMU helps to process IPR issues and commercialize technologies developed at the Institute through proper channel. CIFE being a National Fisheries University plays an important role in education and research. Various need-based research activities are regularly conducted at the Institute in 11 different disciplines resulting in development of technologies, publications, patents etc. Therefore, ITMU plays very important role in keeping record of all the technologies, publications, patents, copyrights etc. developed at the Institute.


Major activities of ITMU are to process and protect all IPR related issues which include:

  • Patenting of the Institute Technologies
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Contract Research/Consultancy related issues
  • Copyright of Research and technical publications
  • All other IPR issues

The Institute Technology Management Committee:

# Members Contact No. Email ID
1 Dr. Amjad K. Balange (Officer-in-charge, ITMU)
Principal Scientist
+91 22 26361446 | +91 88284 91852
2 Dr. Kishore Kumar Krishnani (Member, ITMU)
Principal Scientist
Division of Aquaculture
+91 8788679672 / 8600070775
3 Dr. Satya Prakash Shukla (Member, ITMU)
Principal Scientist
A.E.H.M. Division
+91 22 26361446 | Extn: 272(O)
4 Dr. Manjusha L. (Member, ITMU)
FRHPHM Division
+91 22 26361446 | Extn: 315(O)
5 Dr. Neha Qureshi (Member, ITMU)
F.E.E.S. Division
+91 22 26361446 | Extn: 318(O) +91 9769152108 /

Specialised Services

Contact ITMU
Dr. Amjad K. Balange,
(Officer-in-Charge, ITMU)
Email: /
Cell Number: +91 88284 91852