बाह्य निधिबद्ध अनुसंधान परियोजना


Studies on present status of marine radioecology and biodiversity at Tarapur coastal sites, Tarapur, Maharashtra. 2011-2015

BRNS funded

Personnel : Chandra Prakash and Paramita B. S

Studies on present status of marine radioecology and biodiversity at Kalapakkam coastal site. 2011-2015

BRNS funded

Personnel : A. K. Pal and S. Munilkumar

Studies on the present status of marine radioecology and biodiversity around nuclear plant site in Jaitapur, Maharashtra. 2011-15

BRNS funded

Personnel : S. K. Chakraborty, B. N. Dilip, A. K Jaiswar and A. Pawase


Baseline riverine radioecology and biodiversity studies around the proposed NPP site in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) 2011-2015

BRNS funded

Personnel : S. Dasgupta, S.P. Shukla P.M. Ravi, M.K. Mishra (BARC) P.K. Srivastava (NPCIL)

Optimum utilization of locally available plant-based ingredients for aquafeed through electron beam irradiation. 2012-2015

BRNS funded

Personnel : P. Sardar, G. H. Pailan and S. Ganesh

Development of fluorescent whole cell optical fibre biosensor for heavy metal pollutants. 2013-16

DBT funded

Personnel : A. Chaudhari, P. Gireesh Babu, Ramkrishna Sen (IITKharagpur) and P. Roy Chaudhuri (IIT-Kharagpur)


Utilization of detoxified rubber seed cake in aqua feed. 2014-17

DBT funded

Personnel : N.P. Sahu

Improvement of safety and quality of transglutaminase mediated restructured fish products by bioactive phenolics and terpenoids (under DBT-Twinning). 2012-15

Personnel : G. Venkateshwarlu, A. K. Balange and

K. Nagalakshami

Defense genes of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) with respect to bacteria (Vibrio harveyi) and white spot virus (WSSV) infection. 2012 -2016


Personnel : K. V. Rajendran and M. Makesh

Capture and removal of ammonia from fish processing wastewater using Archea. 2011-16


Personnel : B.B. Nayak

Stock characterization, captive breeding, seed production and culture of Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha). 2012-2017


Personnel : S. Dasgupta and G.H. Pailan

National surveillance programme for aquatic animal diseases. 2013 – 2018

NFDB funded

Personnel : K.V. Rajendran, K. Pani Prasad and Gaurav Rathore

Genetic conservation and live gene pool of Mahasheer fish in Indrayani river. 2010-2015

NFDB funded

Personnel : Gopalkrishna, S N Ogale, N. K. Chadha,

V. K.Tiwari, Rupam Sharma and Mahesh Mahajan

Accelerated salt fermentation of Indian Mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta, through application of fermenting mircroflora. 2013-16

RGSTC funded

Personnel : B. B. Nayak and L. Manjusha

Pilot scale demonstration of value added products from surimi. 2014-17

RGSTC funded

Personnel : A K Balange and Martin Xavier