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FGB Division offers Masters and Doctoral programs in Fish Genetics & Breeding (FGB), and Fish Biotechnology (FBT). It is also a DBT recognised Centre of Excellence for imparting National Training in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology for Fisheries Professionals. Current research is focused on developing biotechnological tools for heavy metal detection, Developing inbred lines of zebrafish, In situ conservation of Mahseer fish, Selective breeding of Indian catfish, and DNA barcoding of Indian fishes.


Fish Genetics and Biotechnology Students Win the Debate and Quiz Competitions in Jai Kisan and Jai Vigyan Event organised during 28-29 Dec 2015 at CIFE.... (more)
A short term training program on “Application of Molecular Markers in Fisheries” was organized by Fish Genetics and Biotechnology Division, ICAR-CIFE from 30th Nov to 5th Dec 2015. (more)
The first batch of DBT Sponsored 3 Months National Training in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology for Fisheries Professionals’ was organised during 15th May 2015 to 1st August 2015. (more)


Research Highlights

A WSSV DNA vaccine has been designed that checks the progression of this virus in cultured shrimp through RNA interference. The plasmid construct expresses long hairpin RNA against vp28, a crucial viral envelop protein gene. (more)