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The Division conducts academic programmes and carry out research under two broad areas namely Aquatic Environmental Management and Aquatic Animal Health Management. Accordingly, the Division offers M.F.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in two disciplines, namely Aquatic Environmental Management (AEM) and Aquatic Animal Health Management (AAH). Further, the division conducts demand-driven training programme for farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers and other stakeholders in the specialised areas. The Division provides services to aquaculture farmers on fish and shellfish disease diagnosis, water quality analysis and soil testing. Services are also provided to aquarium shop owners and hobbyists in diagnosis and management of diseases in ornamental fishes.

Research Highlights

Aquatic environment and health management Division of ICAR- Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai has designed a water filtration unit with an electrically charged column for the treatment of contaminated water without any use of chlorination and de-chlorination chemicals. (more)
WSSV has emerged as one of the most prevalent and lethal viral pathogens infecting penaeid shrimp. Our laboratory has developed and standardised a novel, real time quantitative PCR assay method for detecting and quantifying WSSV using specifically designed primers and probe targeting genes associated with... (more)
Innate immune mechanism plays a crucial role in the immune defence of invertebrates. Innate immune system recognizes the invariant molecular components of pathogens; pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs), through germline-encoded receptors. These receptors in the hosts recognizing these patterns are known as pathogen recognition receptors (PRRs). (more)