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Q. Best Fish Production Techniques in Fresh Water Pond
Ans. Composite fish culture systems
Q. Bfsc Mfsc Aquvaculture Studying Icar
Ans. Aquaculture
Q. Please provide training related to AAHM field, for improving knowledge of students and more awareness in AAHM field.
Ans. AEHMD provides training programes on AAHM and specialized techniques. Please visit website of CIFE for the same. For specific training program please send application to HoD
Q. The optimum number of feed tray’s recommend for one hectare shrimp pond
Ans. One or two feed check tray is adequate for one ha shrimp pond
Q. What is bioflock
Ans. Biofloc is a heterogeneous aggregate of suspended particles and variety of microorganisms associated with extracellular polymeric substances. It is composed of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, fungi, invertebrates and detritus, etc.