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Q. Is that any course related to aquaculture, which any one do at their place like online education ?
Ans. There are various customized online course for short term training. Please search through google.
Q. Tell me the website and portal from which I get information about scholarships and phd areas particularly in FRM Division
Ans. "Hi, you can go through our website on the FRHPHM division, where we specify our PhD areas of research (https://www.cife.edu.in/FRPH/index.html). To get more details, you can refer to our past CIFE annual reports. For scholarships at CIFE, you can follow the NTA exam(https://icar.nta.nic.in/) conducted by ICAR, UGC exam, CSIR exam etc., through which you can obtain a scholarship and gain entry to CIFE."
Q. Want to know about Aquatic health management
Ans. I am sharing a souvenir article with you which elaborates about AAHM
Q. Is there any internship opportunity for msc Microbiology students? I am interested in studying genetics. Is there any project going on related to microbiota of fishes??
Ans. Dear Suraj, Based on your question, it seems that you are interested in the field of microbiological genetics. Our FGB Div. doesn't have any project on the particular area. However, we do have research works related to Metagenomics. If this topic interests you, feel free to reach out for more information.
Q. please provide trainings in new areas to KVK scientist. Arrange special trainings to fisheries scientists/SMS working in KVKs
Ans. We will arrange training to KVK scientists/SMS. We will intimate you at the earliest. Please see ICAR-CIFE website regularly for more information in this regards.
Q. When will admission for CIFE starts?
Ans. Please contact Academic cell ICAR CIFE