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Q. I want to know the techniques used in culture for improving production rates.. Also want to know about recent advancements in culture.
Ans. The techniques like RAS, Aquaponics, Biofloc can be used in aquaculture for enhancing production rate
Q. Virulence gene of Acinetobacter spp to cause fish disease
Ans. Axa-51 C5gA,, Fim-H, TraT, iuTA, PapC, bapC, Omp33-36, bauA,bauS etc are studied by researchers in Acinetobacter barramundi and Acinetobacter johnsonii please see the research articles I have shared with you
Q. Please guide future planing
Ans. Please go through CIFE website www.cife.edu.in and attend the training as per your requirement
Q. What can be done for fisheries dovelopment in Rajsthan with in 2030
Ans. You please contact to Division of Aquaculture