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Q. I need a opportunity for work together.
Ans. Please send specific information
AEHMD Division
Q. Virulence gene of Acinetobacter spp to cause fish disease
Ans. Axa-51 C5gA,, Fim-H, TraT, iuTA, PapC, bapC, Omp33-36, bauA,bauS etc are studied by researchers in Acinetobacter barramundi and Acinetobacter johnsonii please see the research articles I have shared with you
AEHMD Division
Q. I am writing to seek your Guidance on Emerging Research Topics in AAHM Department so that it would aid me to make a decision about the direction of my research.
Ans. Please see website of CIFE profile and research areas of AAHM are available there.
AEHMD Division
Q. What can be done for fisheries dovelopment in Rajsthan with in 2030
Ans. You please contact to Division of Aquaculture
AEHMD Division
Q. Want to know about Aquatic health management
Ans. I am sharing a souvenir article with you which elaborates about AAHM
AEHMD Division
Q. When will admission for CIFE starts?
Ans. Please contact Academic cell ICAR CIFE
AEHMD Division