ICT Cell

Information Communication Technology Cell   

Raceway for Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge plays a key role in today's globalized world. Information Technology happens to be raceway to share knowledge at a fingertip and has become the sine qua non of the present day society to catch up with the emerging trends and hold a lot of promise for posterity.

Wider application of ICT in education, research and administration has been the continuous endeavor of CIFE and the ICT Cell provides campus-wide support in realising this goal. The cell runs institute’s core network and infrastructure and serves as ICT consultants for the students, faculty and administrative units in both hardware & software areas.

ICT Cell Strategy and Function

ICT Cell’s strategy is derived from the institute’s goal of increased focus on web-based service delivery to the institute’s community. This goal leads to planning, implementing and finally, operating the appropriate services so that they can be used by the campus community.

ICT Cell function is guided by the following principles:

·               Associated Model - ICT is a shared responsibility

·               Service – ICT Cell strive for integrated service, anywhere and anytime

·               Collaboration – ICT Cell makes progress through partnerships

ICT Applications

                Development, maintenance and operation of institute website

                Data Services and applications support

ICT Client Services

Provide 24*7 access to the institute community to the raceway of knowledge through high speed bandwidth. Meet the ICT needs of institute community by providing appropriate technical guidelines. 

ICT Platform Services

·               Network, voice and video infrastructure

·               Server platform services

·               Video  conferencing

·               E-mail and software-as-a platform

ICT Security

ICT Cell is responsible for assessing the threats associated with the various ICT systems and to devise strategy to ensure the Institute’s systems, data and users are adequately protected following the best practices.

At present the CIFE follows a three tire security system.

ICT infrastructure


100MBPs+10MBPs bandwidth

Desktops & Laptops

Thinkclient, LAN & WAN

Software, Conferencing


Changing the way of teaching, learning and networking by providing ICT support to use of large amount of information available on the World Wide Web.


ICT Cell Path-Keepers of Knowledge  Raceway


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